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Awaken Your Body's Potential.

Awaken Your Body's Potential


“I had some chronic back and neck pain my entire life. Since beginning my Pilates

classes several years ago with Michelle, I have been stronger and virtually pain

free!” ­ - Lisa S.

“Having done Mat Pilates in college, I joined Evolution Pilates during a stressful

time in my career. I was attracted to the online scheduling and availability. I quickly

began to look forward to my weekly hour of relaxing my mind and working on my

core, flexibility and strength. Two years later I can easily do moves that seemed

impossible when I started.” ­ - Laura G.

“My experience at Evolution has been amazing. I’d taken Pilates for over 10 years

before meeting Michelle and her group. Each class or private session has been

challenging as well as fun! I love Pilates and I look forward to setting new

intentions for myself in 2016 and they will definitely include time spent at Evolution;

getting stronger and staying healthy, both physically and mentally. Thank you for

being here!” ­ - Anne M.

“Pilates is not just another form of exercise. It is a journey to find true mind body

connection. It only takes one class to get hooked!” ­ - Marissa J.

“Evolution Pilates is comprised of exceptional instructors who are well trained,

knowledgeable and diverse. Small class sizes allow for individual attention and a

personalized workout. Pilates on the reformer is a great full body workout that is

also relaxing and restorative. I always have a wonderful experience!!” - ­ Laura L.

“I’ve been at Evolution Pilates for less than a year, having begun my practice at

another local studio 9 years ago. I’ve done classes with all of the instructors and

they are all fantastic, knowledgeable, supportive and challenging. Even after 9

years, I get an amazing workout every time. My private sessions with Cathy take

my Pilates to a whole different level! Pilates will keep me strong, agile and flexible

well into my senior years!” ­ - Kelly M.

“I’ve been wanting to try Pilates for the longest time and Evolution was the perfect

find! Michelle is so precise in her instructing while being both gentile and

wonderfully zen. This is the perfect workout and positive atmosphere, I would

recommend to anyone of any level!” ­ - Julia E.

“My name is Barbara and I came to Evolution Pilates in 2011 as I was just turning

50 and with a very weak abdomen and back, not to mention very low self esteem.

Due to a very aggressive breast cancer and months of chemotherapy and bilateral

mastectomy surgery, and not to mention in a horrible place with my job and my

personal life, I as extremely exhausted. Traditional work out methods never really

worked for me. Walking on the treadmill was boring, although I did it regularly,

running wasn’t really an option, since I also had asthma and at the time regular

weight training would not have been appropriate....I wasn’t sure I would ever

regain my strength, much less be in a better frame of mind. Then I called and

spoke with Michelle at Evolution. She thought I should come in to be evaluated.

The short version is: I fell in love with the gentleness of Pilates and felt challenged

every time I went to class. Evolution Pilates has a very intimate and nurturing

environment. It is very different practicing Pilates with an instructor and on the

reformer. It changed my life for the better. Not only did it help abdominal muscles

and back, but it made me feel more positive about my body and outlook on life.

Michelle and her staff are so wonderful. The classes are small so you get the

attention you need to help you get a whole body work out, and make sure you are

positioned to do the moves correctly so you get the results you want. The hour

long classes go by so fast because you are engaged with your body and mindful

about getting your posture and the positions correct. Pilates is gentle on your

joints, slower paced and super effective. If you have thought about looking into

Pilates classes, you should look into Evolution Pilates. I am so very glad I did.” ­ - Barbara R.

”I struggled with my weight for most of my life when I discovered Pilates living in

NYC. I was amazed at the transformation in my body, posture and energy after just

ten weeks of classes two days a week. I simply loved the workouts and the results.

So when I moved home a few years ago, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to

find a studio here in Rochester that had the same level of expertise. After trying

classes at a few different places, I was thrilled to find a new Pilates home at

Evolution Pilates. The positive, friendly and professional environment that Michelle

has created trickles down through her talented and kind staff and ultimately to us,

her clients. Every teacher has a deep knowledge of the body and of the Pilates

practice. Classes are fun, intimate and always accommodating to the level you are

at. Perhaps my favorite things about this practice and studio are that I always

leave with a clearer head, less stress, a better mind­body connection and

invigorated to take on whatever is next in my day. I feel stronger, more flexible and

healthier mentally and physically. Evolution Pilates is the best studio in town!

Thank you Michelle and staff for creating a welcoming and inspirational place to

practice!” ­ - Janine M.

“As probably the oldest living client at Evolution Pilates, I feel strongly that I would

not be walking around as well as I am without having gone there for the past few

years. “ -­ Elise D.

“I walked into the Evolution Pilates Studio because I’d found my balance was off

.... thinking that in 3 or 4 sessions I’d be back on the right track, I signed up. That

was just about 6 years ago!

Students enter the studio with polite smiles, but leave 1 hour later with a lightness,

a joy, a great feeling of release. Pilates can change your life! It changed mine!

I feel like I have the body of a much younger person because I’m stretched out

correctly and

I’ve done all my weight work as well! The combination of repetition and fine, fine

teaching and soon you’ll exit the studio feeling taller, graceful, strong, and so very

healthy. And isn’t that all we really desire...to be healthy?

Do yourself a favor and call Evolution Pilates and set up a time for a class or two.

You’ll be forever grateful when you do. It changes your life in ways you cannot

predict ­ if you stick with the classes. Thanks to everyone for making the studio feel

like my home away from home! I hope to see you there.” - ­ Catherine C.