Pilates is not just another form of exercise. It is a journey to find true mind body connection. It only takes one class to get hooked!­
— Marissa J.

Why Pilates?

It seems like everyone is doing Pilates these days. You may have tried a Pilates class at the gym or at home and wondered how our Pilates studio is different. Or you may be wondering what Pilates is all about, and how will it help your body.

Pilates is an exercise system that creates flexibility and strength for the entire body. This system of gentle and precise exercises, designed in the early 1900's by Joseph H. Pilates, focuses on the balanced development of the body through core strength, flexibility, and awareness of movement patterning. Pilates devotees claim to feel stronger, leaner, taller, and more able to perform daily activities with ease. 

Pilates is practiced by people of all fitness levels, from peak performance athletes and dancers, to the elderly and those recovering from injuries. What makes Pilates so incredible is this ability to adapt to all populations. Pilates was designed with modifications for each exercise, to help people of every fitness level have a safe and challenging workout.

Pilates emphasizes the core postural muscles, such as abdominals, muscles of the back, and muscles that act on the pelvis and shoulders, which help keep the body balanced, and are essential in providing support for the spine. Although we focus on these core muscles in Pilates, you will work the entire body, in relation to these core muscles, in every Pilates session. 

Some benefits of Pilates include enhanced mobility and agility, improved posture and balance, improved flexibility, core strength and control, improved athletic performance, and the alleviation of pain and tension.

How are we different from the Pilates classes you may have tried before?
Evolution Pilates offers Apparatus Classes and private sessions on the Pilates Reformer,Trapeze Table, and Chair. The apparatus utilizes spring resistance to perform the various exercises according to your strength and abilities, and challenges the muscles against this resistance in various planes of movement, to enhance the development of a balanced body.

Try our private Introductory Session to get started and experience Pilates for yourself!