Full Instructor

Julie McCormick (MBA) is the co-owner / CFO of a successful upstate printing business, manages vacation rental properties on the side, is the mother of two college aged daughters, two adult stepchildren, and a super cute fur baby. Her passions include sailing with her husband on Lake Ontario and cooking adventurous dishes.

Julie came to Pilates as a way to take some time for herself and bring balance to her hectic life. Immediately she found that Pilates offered many wonderful physical benefits, but most important was the way that Pilates allowed her to center her mind. A lifetime sports and fitness enthusiast, she had reconstructive surgery on her ankle a few years ago and finds that Pilates has allowed her to regain her health and happiness, building strength, mobility, and critical core stability – that then makes so many other things possible in an active life.

Julie began her Pilates practice over 10 years ago and loves to visit different Pilates studios around the country whenever she travels. She recently had the pleasure of attending the Pilates Method Alliance national conference in Las Vegas at the beginning of November where over 900 Pilates enthusiasts from 26 different countries gathered to share their love of Pilates and their insights into the ever expanding world of Pilates. Now, training and absorbing the wealth of knowledge offered by Michelle, she hopes to share her enjoyment and the benefits of Pilates with others!

Julie’s favorite Joe quote…. “Everyone is the Architect of their own Happiness”.