Full Instructor

Maureen was first introduced to Pilates while completing her BA in Dance at the University of New Mexico. Immersed in the practices of Modern dance, she was intrigued by the Pilates method because of its great emphasis on functional body awareness. She decided to deepen her understanding and completed the teacher training program at Pilates Plus in Rochester, NY. As a Pilates teacher, Maureen enjoys helping her clients build strength and better postural alignment. She feels fulfilled when clients are relieved of pain from physical imbalances and past injuries. She strives to heal as many clients as possible so they may feel revitalized and in control of their lives again.

In addition to teaching Pilates, she is an avid performer and is currently an MFA candidate at SUNY Brockport for dance. She intends to continue learning different forms of physical practices to broaden her knowledge of the body’s capacity for movement. She is overwhelmed with joy by the opportunity to teach with such talented human beings at Evolution Pilates.