Senior Instructor

Jacquie became a Pilates teacher in 2012 when she graduated from the Advanced Training program at The Pilates Center in Boulder, CO. It was there that she was able to train with Rachel and Amy Taylor as well as Deborah Kolwey and Leah Wecksler who were all taught by an original elder of Joseph Pilates. She then continued her education with Cara Reeser in Denver, CO. a friend and apprentice of Kathy Grant. Jacquie also holds a certification through the Pilates Method Alliance (a professional organization and certifying agency for Pilates teachers) Prior to Pilates, Jacquie worked in the Computer industry as a Software Engineer and Project Manager.

Jacquie started her Pilates journey because she couldn’t bike, run or play tennis without low back and knee pain. Pilates gave her the movement patterns to allow her to do those activities pain free, along with increasing her strength, flexibility, and balance. Providing a renewed sense of vitality. Jacquie is committed to helping others feel good about their bodies and get a new sense of freedom through movement!

Jacquie lives in Pittsford with her husband and her 2 high school children. They have another child that is close by in his 2nd year at Syracuse University. In her spare time, you may see Jacquie on her bike riding through many of our beautiful farm roads, hiking with her dog Bella or playing tennis and paddle.  Jacquie joined Evolution Pilates in 2016.