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Awaken Your Body's Potential.

Awaken Your Body's Potential

Spring Workshops!

Join us April 1- May 17 for our Spring Workshops!

Rotational Sports Conditioning with Sondra Affolter, PT

Get ready for golf, tennis, kayaking, or paddleboard with this workshop led by Physical Therapist, Sondra Affolter.  A 75-minute class utilizing the Pilates reformer, conditioning exercises, and the Pilates Arcs to maximize your potential in your sport. 

Mondays 3pm Thursdays 4:30pm

Spring Training/ Pilates Bootcamp

This high intensity 75-minute workout will burn calories, tone muscle, and get you in shape for Spring fast! Interval training, cardio blasts, Pilates mat and reformer, props, and resistance training promise to make this a sweaty workout! Each instructor will bring their own specialty to this non-stop, challenging class, so why not try them all!

Wednesdays 9am & 7pm, Saturdays 8am, Sundays 11am

Visit our online store for more details and to book a workshop.  Space is limited so sign up today!